Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anthony Garcia on Repatriation

In the minutes of the 37th Meeting of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Review Committee meeting, it is noted in the Public Comment section that:

Mr. Garcia stated that he regularly has Native Americans tell him that human remains in the museum were from their tribe but they did not want them to come back to the tribe.

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NANC would like to ask Mr. Garcia, which Native American tribes he has heard this from? Further, we would also like to ask if Mr. Garcia has totally forgotten his meetings/consultations with the Great Basin Coalition, the Tachi Yokuts, and Susanville Rancheria? Admittedly, these occurred before he became NAGPRA Coordinator, but one has to ask was he sleeping at the time of those earlier consultations?

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Brian BroadRose said...

A pretty common tactic reminiscent of colonial strategies of disempowerment. Simply claim that 'many' Native Americans don't actually want the remains of their deceased ancestors repatriated, do so without qualifying exactly who has said this, and ignore those who petition for their return. More foot dragging from those 'administrators' that can't seem to see beyond the myopia of their dear collection paradigms. There are no words for my disdain!