Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ruby pipeline threatens Fort Bidwell sacred sites

Despite pleas to avoid ancient Indian gathering areas and pristine wildlife areas, Washoe County commissioners tonight approved a permit for a pipeline to carry natural gas from Wyoming to Oregon across the northern part of the county.

Aaron Townsend, of the Fort Bidwell Indian Community Council in California, said the lands in northern Washoe between Vya and the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge are aboriginal territory.

“This where our people have come since the beginning of time,” he said, adding hundreds of art rock features, tribal sites and plants used in rituals would be ruined.
“This will destroy this pristine area,” said Charles Reed, also of Fort Bidwell.

He said the land supports mule deer, bobcats, golden eagles and three subspecies of pygmy rabbits.

Reed proposed the pipeline be re-routed to Highway 140 from Denio to Lakeview or along a railroad line north of Gerlach where there is sparse vegetation.

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