Friday, August 24, 2007

Support from Greenville Rancheria

August 9, 2007

Mr. Corbin Collins,

My name is Douglas Mullen and I'm the NAGPRA/Cultural Coordinator for Greenville Rancheria (GR). GR is a Federally Recognized Tribe of with Members whom reside through out the United States. GR is the lead Tribe organizing the Sierra Nevada NAGPRA Coalition (SNNC), (Penutian Language) consisting of 52 Tribes and Indian organizations.

Thus far GR has been successful in Repatriating Human remains to Lalo Franco, Cultural Recourse Specialist, Tachi-Yukot Tribe Santa Rosa.

Greenville Rancheria has also drafted and sent a letter to Chancellor Birgeneau expressing our concerns with the disbandment of the NAGPRA Unit UC Berkeley.

With the closure process that has taken place. We (The Native American People) were not given the opportunity to voice our concerns and the effect that the closure would have.

I’m writing this letter to express Greenville Rancheria's support for the work that the Native American NAGPRA Coalition (NANC) has undertaken. Also the Greenville Rancheria would like to know how to become a member of the NANC.

Banding together as a single Coalition will give the Native American People a stronger voice that will be heard. As Indian People we have worked to hard and come too far to take steps backwards with issues like this concerning Native Americans in Indian Country.


Nathan McNeal, Tribal Council Secretary/Treasure
Douglas Mullen, NAGPRA/Cultural Coordinator
Michael DeSpain, Environmental/NAGPRA Project Director
Gabriel Gorbet, Tribal Administrator

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